:wave: I am a PhD student at IFISC (Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems), Spain.

My research has focused, so far, on ecological and social systems within an ecological framework. The main objective of my thesis is to study how interactions influence the diversity and stability of ecological systems. To do so, I have used a range of different tools from agent-based models to nonlinear ODEs and, primarily, Network Science.

You can find a surely outdated CV here.


  • Working on: Ecological Interactions, Complex Networks, Computational Social Science
  • Would love to work on: More Ecology, Evolutionary Dynamics, HOI, Dataviz …


:hatched_chick: PhD in Complex Systems, IFISC

:hatching_chick: Master in Physics and Physical Technologies, University of Zaragoza

:egg: Bachelor in Physics, University of Zaragoza