Here you have some slides, posters and videos. You can reuse them (with attribution) and ask me for other formarts.

If you think I could give a talk, feel free to invite me :blush:

Talks, poster, etc

2022 May :: Dealing with the 3 Ps: Procrastination, Productivity and PhD
Talk, NetPLACE Slides Blog Video
2022 May :: Macroecological patterns of information ecosystems
FisEs22 Poster
2021 October :: Structural Predictors for Species Survival in Ecological Networks
Talk, Conference on Complex Systems Lyon Slides
2021 October :: Neutral theory for competing attention in social networks
Conference on Complex Systems Lyon Poster
2021 October :: Mission and Initiatives of yrCSS
Talk, CSS Chapters Workshop Slides
2020 September :: Structured interactions in competitive ecological systems
Talk, NetSci 2020 (online) Slides
2019 October :: ¿Qué son los algoritmos genéticos?
Out-research video for IFISC Video
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